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Meet the Designer …


Jehan Al Omani is an extraordinary spirit that really masters the art of enjoying life to the max. her unique personality and attitude definitely reflected on her art masterpieces and decoration concepts, by bringing a so full of life design patterns & decorations that will not only change your space, but will also uplift your soul from within, in a way that may change your whole lifestyle and nourish the time you spend in your space forever!

By bringing all types of innovative materials together, along with the reviving colors of life, the designs will add serenity, relief and positive vibes to your space. The simplex of the design, yet the complexity of the details create a very innovative design patterns that never look the same. Jeehan has a wonderful story to tell in each and every design she creates. Her journey started many years ago when she was a teenager. Her first art touch was painting and she was interested in the orientalists’ era and it was very obvious in her portraits. On the other hand, modern art pulled her like a magnet and her art was the mirror of her life.

 She then founded a flowers shop in Kuwait that attracted wedding planners and brides from all over the gulf area. She surely added her own glamour to brides’ bouquets and flower handles which made her cozy shop that she loved so much, become the most prestigious flower shop in the state of Kuwait and turning her into one of the icons of fashion & lifestyle in Kuwait. After 15 years of living with the flowers and roses in her gallery learning them and learning from them, Jeehan founded an atelier to feed her passion for fashion, and started designing fantastic dresses and women wear. She adored the evolution of arts and always wanted to innovate, visualize and create any and everything. Finally, and after this long journey full of creativity and innovation, she decided to come to Egypt and add a renovated life to interior design. As she realized that interior design is not just an art, it’s the art of living.


The art of living فن الالوان

Jehan will happily tell you the story of every color and the joy & fulfillment it brings to your life. The colors play a certain harmony in the hands of Jehan and she uses them in everything as she strongly believes in the power of colors. She believes that colors should not only be seen. Instead, to be heard, felt and loved.


Magazines Interviews: 

During her decoration movement, Jehan had several TV, magazines and newspapers interviews and here are some of them:





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