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by Yousef Ali | Posted in VAZA Blog | No comments yet. | 1115 views on this post

Decorative recycled items …. Become an artist and convert anything and everything into a beautiful decorative item, which you can use inside your space, the balcony or even the garden!..

Start making use of the many stuff you are storing in your cabinets, but stopped using them anymore since, they are broken or just looking old and outdated!

These items you find in every house and it could be empty boxes, old cups, glass bottles, clothes, plastic figures, ornaments, feathers, crystals.. or just Anything you could use to create something innovative and vivid.

For instance, you can convert an empty box (it could be shoes box, cookies box or any plain box) into a decorative box you could use to provide more storage for small items and to look cool at the same time!

Our designer has created a couple of beautiful boxes as shown in the picture!


Also, you can turn any glass bottle into a cool lamp with some simple tweaks just like the bottles in the images shown at VAZA Decoration Pinterest account …


Reuse jars and bottles to make beautiful chandeliers. You can add almost anything like colorful feathers and shiny crystals and ornaments and whatnot. Such creations would look just perfect in your garden or even inside the house. And it’s a DIY deal! What are you waiting for!

Go creative and limitless! Reuse and produce! 

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