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by Yousef Ali | Posted in VAZA Blog | No comments yet. | 1906 views on this post

The art of decoration

Home decoration is large and flexible concept that evolves imagination, colors harmony, beauty and innovation. It’s all about how you put the colors together to give your house a glamorous touch. So that it eventually looks like an art masterpiece.

There are always some simple factors that enable you to achieve the change you wish to see!

And since that we spend most of our time at our houses! We should make the house love itself first and it will definitely make us fall for it.


We at VAZA decoration, we always open up to all that’s colorful, vivid and out of the box


We strongly believe that constant changes wash the soul and make you perceive things from a different perspective.

One of the most important things about home décor and renovating is not to imitate or to follow the traditional décor styles. But until now, most of the Egyptians decorate using antiques! That should be antiquities by now! And above all, you find this antique furniture inside every Egyptian home. They are so big, so heavy and outdated.

We recommend you forget about brown, piege and off white and start using the vivid and modern colors.


Now you can re-decorate only by changing simple items inside the house. This will actually make the big change!!

Add colors to your house through cushions, curtains, carpets, LED art works, table runners and even modern antiques!

Yes! Antiques can turn into modern pieces and they will still fit with the rest of the house.


Now GO! … Go and add colors to your life 

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