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We VAZA are a crazy decoration company, always opens up to all that’s innovative, decorative, colorful and vivid!

We take colors seriously and we use them almost everywhere. We decided to let go of the brown, paige and off-white colors that pretty much reside in every house in Egypt!..... And we will give the vivid colors a chance to add glamour, elegance and serenity to your space!

Don’t worry! … We won’t make a big mess at your house and won’t cost you a fortune to redecorate!

We will enliven and modernize your house with a few clicks and clacks here and there! And the house will love itself after!

We are specialized in wall art works & wall paint, but probably in a different way! … We design wall art works by mixing materials like leather, feather, crystals, LED lights, handmade metal accessories, glitter, rhinestones, resins, ornaments … You name it!

For antiques lovers! We promise you that now you can transform your antiques into the modern antique look! With only a few touches from VAZA all over your house!

We work in & out so we get the chance to add life to your garden and landscape with a very new and crazy look! ...  Since we strongly believe in plants and flowers energy and the serenity that dwells within nature. 

Our founder an designer is Jehan Al Omani who is an extraordinary spirit that really masters the art of enjoying life to the max. her unique personality and attitude definitely reflected on her art masterpieces and decoration concepts, by bringing a so full of life design patterns & decorations that will not only change your space, but will also uplift your soul from within, in a way that may change your whole lifestyle and nourish the time you spend in your space forever! 




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